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A E P L U S  U S A   Condominiums, Apartments, Religious, Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Assisted Living Communities, Medical Surgical, Auto Sales/Service Centers, Power/Water Distribution Centers, 3D Design/Modeling.     Send email for quotes or more information.

3D Modeling and Animations - Architectural Renderings/Schematics and or Sketches

In Addition AEPlus capabilities in 3D CAD design and audio/visual graphics are unsurpassed in the industry.

Your Dreams are turned into Virtual Reality
Many of our clients have a hard time visualizing 2D plans. We can design our project in 3D then apply materials, textures and color variations/options to show you the final results.
Accurate and Detailed
Designing in 3D allows us to create our projects highly accurate and very realistic. These capabilities eliminates the potential problems that are overlooked when using traditional 2D visualization techniques. 3D design allows more people access to the design, regardless of their understanding of drawings. The design can be viewed from as many angles as necessary to visualize the intent. In addition, we interact with our 3D models, animating them to determine the relationships of spaces or parts, ergonometrics or check the aesthetic value of the design itself. The third dimension removes the guesswork from the field of design.
We can take you inside your project and show you what it will look like as if you where walking through the actual finished space. We also can create realistic animations (AVI files) and transfer them to CD-ROM, where you can view them on your own computer. In addition we can include narration and sound.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Once we have the 3D model designed, we can create various renderings from any viewpoint.
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