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A E P L U S  U S A   Condominiums, Apartments, Religious, Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Assisted Living Communities, Medical Surgical, Auto Sales/Service Centers, Power/Water Distribution Centers, 3D Design/Modeling.     Send email for quotes or more information.

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We Design, Build and Develop. 

We do everything.

We evaluate building sites and conduct land use studies.  We rezone and help purchase land.  We structure projects to make economic sense.

We create site and master plans. We develop floor plans. We select and specify building materials.  We design, engineer and decorate buildings.

We prepare land leases, land purchase contracts, partnership agreements and other ownership documents.

We obtain clearances and approvals required by local, state and federal authorities.

We identify interview and hire local contractors.  We obtain building permits.  We build and supervise the construction of all of the buildings we design and engineer.
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