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Church Specifics ::  Introduction

The staff of the firm is composed of an experienced team of church design professionals, architects, engineers, planners, cost estimators, interior designers, construction managers, and accountants. We can design and administer the construction of your next building project.

Throughout the THRESHOLD P.A. organization, there is a constant awareness of the trust placed on us as professionals. By selecting us the client has placed a higher value on our services than on those available elsewhere.

The ARCHITECTURAL/ENGINEERING profession is on the threshold of great change, not only in design, but also in the very nature of the design process. Some of the factors bringing about this change are well known to everyone; some are not so well understood. Anyone may note that the economy today demands tight controls on expenditures. The Architectural/Engineering profession has been called forth to provide comprehensive services even more creative, sophisticated, and automated than ever before. These services must include new planning and controlling, life cycles costing and value-engineering techniques, thoughtful solutions to energy management, increased use of computers and state of art documentation processes.

THRESHOLD DESIGN is an Architectural/Engineering firm whose organizational intent centers on providing these comprehensive designs and planning services. Since its conception, one of THRESHOLD DESIGN'S primary objectives has been to ensure responsiveness to both the client's needs and the requirements of coordinating the many segments of the design development process. This responsiveness is accomplished through the establishment of close working relationships with each client, contractor and government authority involved with a project.

THRESHOLD DESIGN applies to each project a firm commitment to quality in all services. This commitment stems from the dedication to the profession and the pursuit of excellence in Architecture and Engineering, and by the quality of staff talent and their ability to translate technology into a functional and creative building. THRESHOLD DESIGN is proud of its accomplishments and approaches each new project with the same dynamic enthusiasm that has generated its growth since 1973.

The Process

Building today is not simple, whether it is the choice to remodel or build new. Each individual project involves the integration of numerous financial, technical, social and aesthetic considerations. Successful building achieves this integration through a comprehensive planning/design process, which produces solutions, which exhibit a sensitivity to need, consistency of purpose and simplicity in execution. It is this process and the depth of our professional staff talent at hand to implement it that characterizes and separates our firm from every other.

At Threshold Design, the planning/design process is the heart of our work. This process involves:

    To identify user needs.
    To recognize the nature and extents of these needs.
    To produce meaningful, more economical solutions to meet these needs.
    To ensure high quality, consistent implementation of the solutions developed.

The Partnership

Good architecture is the result of an effective working partnership. One partner is the client. The other partner is the team of professionals at Threshold Design. We are proud of our team and we have awards for design, planning and community involvement to give us reason to be proud.

We would like to have you think of us as your partner on your next building project. We want to make your next project a success for you and we would like the opportunity to meet with you in person.

This introduction can give only the general highlights of the work and comprehensive services offered by Threshold Design.  Should you wish additional information, just give us a call, and one of our regional managers will be more than happy to answer questions and provide you with any additional information.

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