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Statement of Qualification & Experience

We are qualified to help you with your next project, for the following reasons:
  • We have extensive background and experience in master planning and programming. Planning is the key to the achievement of a client's immediate building needs in the development of long-range growth objectives. Good programming and an understanding of a client's present and long-term objectives enable us to achieve design goals that are satisfying to our clients.
  • We stress the importance of the direct involvement of our principals in management and production. Our principals are "working principals" and are in direct control of day to day operations.
  • The design response of the Architect must stem from a sensitivity to the unique character of the project, its needs, its use, the site and its surroundings.
  • We design functional, economical, and energy efficient buildings, sensitive to user needs.
  • We have proven management ability to deliver services on time, on budget, and properly coordinated.
  • We can help create a positive and cooperative working relationship with all persons involved.
  • You will know that your architects and engineers have proven their professional capability on a variety of large, complex projects. Our mechanical and electrical engineers, in particular are experienced with the lighting, acoustical, comfort, communication and electrical aspects of church building.
  • The Project Management process must ensure control of program implementation costs, time schedules and quality.
  • You will receive help from local and national professionals experienced in working with city/county councils members and building officials; in obtaining approvals from local government agencies.
  • We have a professional commitment for energy conscious design, energy retrofit design, and alternate energy system designs. This demonstrates the strong professional commitment of the staff towards overcoming our country’s energy problems, while conserving our energy sources.
  • Your project will receive top priority. Our work permits us to start working for you now, and follow through to completion on any fast track, but reasonable, time schedule you may set.
  • You will know that your team of architects, engineers, designers, and builders have worked together frequently and will provide good internal communication, coordination, and understanding.
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