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Church Specifics ::  Organization

We are organized to provide you a continuity of direct personal services.

To save you money.
To save you time.
To make sure that the end result is functional, operational and satisfactory.

A principal of the firm will be assigned to monitor and make sure of your continual satisfaction with our services.  He shall be the Project Manager.  You can look to him for help at any time.  You can look to your Project Manager for answers to your questions, regular reports of progress, and a central point of coordination.

Your Project Manager will select the persons best qualified for your project team.  The nucleus of the team (Project Architect, Program Architect, and Design Architect, for example) will be assigned for the duration of our services to you.  Your team will be supported by engineers, draftsmen, specification writers, construction administrators, interior designers and cost estimators.

The role of the effective Project Manager is to manage the time, cost and quality of the construction process during program design, bid/award, construction and post-construction phases.

The Twelve Components of Time/Cost Control

1 creates a compatible program and budget
2 develops a management plan
3 develops a management process
4 tailors a Management Information Control System
5 conducts an analysis of the project before any design begins
6 controls design time
7 controls estimated construction costs
8 controls estimated energy consumption
9 secures the best provisions of the construction contracts
10 manages the bid and award phases of the construction contracts
11 manages construction time and
12 manages cost and quality of the construction contracts

Comprehensive Architectural Services

Architectural firms, by rendering comprehensive services, offer the advantages claimed by the packaged contractor without the accompanying disadvantages.

Architects can prepare special research studies related to programming. They may advise on the economics of site selection by working with realtors/appraisers and by taking into consideration the highest /best use of the site, land value analysis and potential returns, etc. Architects, familiar with corporate structure, partnership relations and laws related to building, frequently testify on the Owner’s behalf before zoning and planning boards.  They can assist in negotiations with owners of adjacent property and with many other legal and property interests.  Various kinds of services have also been rendered by architects to their clients in the field of finance. These are assisting in the determination of requirements of lending agencies, income-expense relationships and relative demand for different building types in actual financing negotiations.  Owners and  their Architects are continuing to explore and refine the concept of comprehensive services in order that architects, and their specialty consultants may provide the most advanced professional services to their clients.  As the building process increases in complexity, construction projects are facing different and greater exposures that demand innovative approaches to keep up with the new environment and the changing relationships among construction professionals and their respective roles.

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